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Direct Interview is a unique and smart technology solution for the job seekers in the hiring process. With Direct Interview, job seekers don't need to wait on the recruiter’s responses for the first interview screening. They can record professional live video interviews with live questions and insert the link from the interview into a resume. Now, recruiters can click on the link to see a video interview as soon as they receive the application.


  • No more waiting for interview screenings
  • No time limits on responses
  • No pressure
  • No stress
  • No invitations
  • No scheduling

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  • Increase your chances of being hired
  • Demonstrate your communication and presentation skills
  • Show employers your personality, enthusiasm and body language
  • Obtain equal opportunity for a first interview
  • Respond to live video questions in real-time

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  • Manage interviews on your dashboard
  • Submit multiple video interviews for multiple positions
  • Choose live questions from the bank
  • Order custom questions
  • Review your interview and record again
  • Powerful, secure and easy-to-use technology
  • Applicant friendly

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